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Anypath leverages the Tezos blockchain to create an open standard for the verification of educational certificates and employment records. We then leverage this open standard to create an ecosystem of services that connects employers, educators, and individuals to empower the future of distributed work and education.


The biggest barrier to enabling socioeconomic equity is the lack of educational freedom, but the shift to distributed work and decentralized education promises the ability to provide equitable education regardless of one’s geographic and socioeconomic circumstances.

The pandemic has introduced opportunities for change. The power traditionally held by large educational institutions has begun to shift towards more focused self-learn programs. It has become clear to both individuals and organizations that a traditional degree isn’t a requirement. A self-taught software engineer with hands-on experience can be much more productive than a theory-focused CS graduate.

However, a distributed workforce also introduces unique problems. How can an employer verify the validity of an educational certificate that isn’t issued by a well-known university? Additionally, how do hiring managers establish the truthfulness of a remote worker’s past employment history? These problems are often cited as core reasons why a business hesitates to support remote contract workers.

Anypath - The Open Standard for Verification

Our platform is built upon open sourced contracts based on the Tezos FA2 token standard. A record is deemed verified once the smart contract is created with the appropriate information. Each record represents one verification from one originator to one recipient. As these records are FA2-compliant Tezos smart contracts (essentially a no-transfer, single-token NFT), each certification is encoded immutably onto the blockchain. An example "microservice" for issuing and retrieving these records can be found on Github.

We hope that our approach will become the de-facto standard for blockchain-based verification. For more details about the specification, please see the white paper.

Anypath - An Ecosystem for Distributed Learning & Employment

The Anypath standard has the ability to enable social good by unlocking the barriers to greater socioeconomic mobility. We also saw an opportunity to leverage this open standard to help build the future of distributed work and education. We hope to create an ecosystem of services that bring together educators, employers, and individuals onto one unified platform.

This ecosystem would enable the following:

For Individuals

  • The ability to create a trustworthy and verifiable (via the Anypath standard) profile for past employment and educational history, much like a verified "LinkedIn"
  • The ability to create their own educational path by discovering courses that suit their goals. These courses are offered by our partner educators and will issue Anypath-verified certificates upon completion
  • The ability to find suitable and relevant work with our partner institutions. Many of these corporate partners also issue Anypath-verified employment records

For Educators

  • The ability to easily issue & verify educational certificates
  • The ability to market their course offerings to individuals on our platform

For Corporations

  • The ability to easily issue employment records
  • The ability to easily check the validity of past employment records and educational certificates
  • The ability to market their job postings to a user-base with verified credentials

By creating this platform, we hope that we can help spur the growth of distributed work & education

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about our plan to create an open standard and ecosystem for the future of employment and education, please see our whitepaper.

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