Anyone Anywhere is a movement to address the issue of sexual assault, specifically in the CU-Boulder and Boulder community at large.

What it does

Anyone Anywhere is an interactive reporting tool that maps out incidents of sexual assault in Boulder. The map allows anyone to anonymously report cases of sexual assault that X has experienced or witnessed. Users can report and view cases based on type of sexual assault, location, time, and details. The living database of reports will help identify trends and make the issue of sexual assault more visible. As a result, impacted people are connected to various services offering support and advocacy.

How we built it

Full Mean Stack Application. MongoDB to store data. The map is an interactive tool allowing anyone who has been harassed or witnessed harassment to anonymously report their experience. Once a report is filled out and submitted it is published on the map as a colored dot. Experiences can be filtered based on type of sexual assault, location, time, and details. Clicking on the dot allows users to read the full details on a report. This information is public and accessible to anyone who visits the site. Looking at the map allows users to visualize the truth behind the statistics surrounding sexual assault, specifically in the Boulder community. Each report receives a response containing information about free legal services, counseling, medical attention, official reporting, and more. The reports help identify common trends and make the issue of sexual assault more visible. We hope to reveal the truth about sexual assault in our community and across the world in order to challenge the myths and invalidations of impacted people’s experiences. This tool can serve as a wakeup call to the people of Boulder that these issues are indeed actually happening right in our neighborhoods and our city. By identifying specific locations and trends of sexual assault, we hope to not create fear but instead to empower and motivate our community to take action and challenge the epidemic of sexual assault in our society.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating API's, Leaflet.js with Angularjs and tailoring to Bootstrap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting MapQuest map and features at a working level.

What we learned

Everything! All the API's were great!

What's next for Anyone-Anywhere

Expand to other Universities and then the world!

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