Changing remote working and learning

COVID-19 highlights the importance of access and working space for individual and collective prosperity. We found a scalable way to maintain safe social distancing while allowing access to a quiet, individual space with all the technical abilities to work productively while posing no risk to your or your family’s health and safety from COVID-19.

It does not matter if you are a student who cannot take your virtual exam because of five rowdy roommates, a parent who needs a quiet space once in a while for the big presentation, or you need to escape the distractions of your home for a digital job interview - we have a solution for you.

What it does

AnyDesk provides you with a close, safe, and practical workspace, available to you for remote working, education purposes or perhaps a job interview. Most importantly, all of our #anydesks come with a guarantee of excellent hygiene standards as well as a workspace with everything you need.

How we built it

While some are taking desperate measures to get the peace and quiet they need for their work or studies, our simple app enables you to find a location close to you that has everything you need from a workspace. Our guaranteed hygiene standards and workspace quality take the shape of a carefully designed certificate, which we only issue once our partners have undergone rigorous testing of their spaces, their cleaning schedules & materials, the tech specs of the space etc.

Short term impact

Social Distancing is, of course, all-important, and many are lucky to be able to do their jobs from home. Working from home, however, is not the same for everyone. Internet access and speed, crying children, moody teenagers, noisy roommates can make it immensely challenging. We provide a solution that does not compromise on your health and safety but enables you to work from somewhere else for a bit – for an important presentation, or until you have finished the proposal, submitted your Master Thesis. Because if you can do your job well, we all win.

Long term impact

Join the community of AnyDeskers around you. Share your experience, stay connected. Wave goodbye to campus accommodation you cannot afford, a lengthy commute just to sit in a cubicle or the noise and uncomfortableness of working from a coffee shop. By enabling you to cut down on commute, you can save both money and the environment.

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