Do read the github README it contains better information of the components and skills of this project:

Also contains login data for a test user. ( for as long as we keep this online, prob not longer than end of June 2023 )


Our inspiration for AnyChat came from the need for a chat platform that could bypass language barriers and enable people to communicate seamlessly in their own language. This challenge led us to develop AnyChat, which is designed to be a simple and easy-to-use chat platform for businesses and individuals.

What it does

AnyChat is a chat platform that allows users to communicate in their preferred language, regardless of the language used by other participants. It is designed to reduce language barriers and improve communication for businesses and individuals who work in a multilingual environment.

How we built it

To build AnyChat, we integrated different AI technologies to create a chat platform that is both simple to use and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal was to create a chat platform that was easy to navigate and could solve the problem of language barriers in a practical way.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge in building AnyChat was ensuring that it was easy to use while meeting the diverse needs of different businesses. We spent a lot of time researching what businesses needed and how we could best implement those features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the progress we have made in building AnyChat. Every tiny step we took in the development process was a major accomplishment, as we overcame many challenges along the way.

What we learned

One lesson we learned during the development process was to avoid booking shared rooms for hackathon accommodations. We also learned that getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining focus and productivity.

What's next for Anychat

Our next steps for AnyChat are to launch the platform and start searching for VC funding. We are excited about the potential of AnyChat and look forward to seeing how it can help businesses and individuals communicate more effectively.

try it out

Our prototype is online at ( for the next week at least, 01.05.2022 ). You can try it out by logging in with a test user: testUser1 / testUser2 ... / testUser20 all with pw: Test123. Send messages pictures and files, see them being translated live. Or write with the ai via @ai btw try asking the ai to search something in the internet for you! Or generate a project report using the make report button.


Tim Schupp

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Jorit Vásconez Gerlach

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Lukas Braun

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