AnyBar Icon Journal

A set of Bash functions and aliases to enable using AnyBar as a personal journal from the command line. Designed to work with custom icons.




Clone the repo and then source the script in your .bashrc file. For example, if you cloned the repo to your HOME directory:

. "$HOME/anybar-icon-journal/" (the dot in bash is equivalent to 'source')

Assumes all icons are stored in the default directory, ~/.AnyBar.

Will write the journal entry to ~/anybar.log. Journal entries take this form:

MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss - icon/color - journal entry


Set the AnyBar Dot

Use like: anybar {icon/color} [journal entry (in quotes)] [port]

For example: anybar grin "Got my new AnyBar journal working"

Also aliased as simply ab.

List Available AnyBar Icons

anybar-icons or abi

Tail out the last 10 log entries

anybar-log or abl

Cat out the entire log

anybar-log-full or ablf


This set of functions and aliases is covered under The Unlicense. See LICENSE file for more details, but basically do whatever you want, just don't sue me afterwards.

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