Sometimes, when you are too bored and want to go somewhere but too lazy to find a place. Sometimes, when you need to go somewhere but can't decide where. Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you where to go. Or when you just want to explore a new area. This app is for you.

What it does

Ask user to turn on location if it is off. Detect user's current location. It will give user a random place, user just only need to tell what kind of places user want and how far user willing to go from user's current location. Can switch between miles and km User can choose from 5 categories of places: HangOut-EnjoyNature-InterestingPlaces-Shopping-Relax Or if user still can't decide what he/she want, user can just choose anything option.

How I built it

Use Location service to detect user's current location. I am using google places api to find a list of places depend on type of places user want to go and in a range from user current location. And then I choose a random place from that list.

Challenges I ran into

How to use location service. How to using google place api, google map api. Processing data get from google place api (parsing data, what to do when get empty list...) Turn on, turn off Location service on android.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An app that can give a random place depending on what kind of place user want to go.

What I learned

How to using google place api, google map api. How to process data from google api (parsing data).

What's next for Any Where

Maybe to store user interest, what kind of places user want to go the most, where user already visited. So it can give a new better place next time user use it.

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