We were recently inspired by the power of the AI gpt2 model and how sophisticated it could be when trained. We wanted to put it to good use to help people study or just quiz themselves on topics of their choosing.

What it does and how it works

The model is accessed through an Alexa skill which will ask you a series of question to test your knowledge of the topic. The questions are generated by a specially trained gpt2 model which reads blocks of texts turns them into quizzes. The user can upload their own notes which are converted into text by Microsoft Azure OCR and stored on a database or the user can request a random topic in which case this is parsed from Wikipedia and also saved in the database.

Try it!

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge we ran into was training the model to produce sensible questions for a given block of text. We also struggled to set up HTTPS on our server for a while before figuring out it was a DNS problem of the local network. Finally Amazon Alexa had it's usual difficulties in doing what was desired.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Let's see if it works first.

What I learned

Paul: Python requests and beautiful soup parsing python module versions.

Richard: Not as young as I used to be.

Hannan: Context matters when you are training big attention based natural language models. And often times the big general purpose models will solve all your problems.

Oliver: Improved my database knowledge of sqlite and learned about machine learning models.

What's next for Any Quiz

Maybe to add more official data sources from online.

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