We were thinking about what people need the most today, and as we were thinking we realized that our teammate missed his appointment with his advisor. The event details which were sent to him through mail were not synced with his calendar. And we realized that if it happened to us it happens to everyone . We saw potential in this idea and used context.io's API to create AnvilTimes, an application that connects the events on your mail right to your calendar. Our target user is every individual who receives many of his events through his mail. Multiple accounts can be linked to this app which will then create a database for those accounts and read the mails for certain keys that will tell it whether that mail contains an event or not. If it does it stores all the details of that event in the user's calendar and notifies the user of the event as well. This app also has a server end built using node.js., and helps with real time notifications as well as database storage.

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