AnTrello App

A project management web application based that allows for creation, deletion, archival, reorganization, labeling and keyword search of lists and cards in list.

Backend tools

Express, Postgresql, node-postgres, jasmine-node

Frontend tools

Backbone, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Underscore, moment, Jasmine, Handlebars, Autosize


  • Single Page Application
  • Persistence through PostgreSQL DataBase
  • search cards feature
  • bookmarkeable card url

List Features

  • create/archive list
  • drag and drop list
  • add/edit list name
  • copy list + cards within it
  • move list
  • move all cards in list to other list
  • archive all cards in list

Card Features

  • create/archve card in list
  • add/edit card title
  • drag and drop card within a list
  • drag and drop card between lists
  • card details view
  • add/edit/remove card description
  • add/remove labels
  • add name to label
  • add/edit/remove due date
  • move card by selecting list and position in list
  • copy card with following options:
    • copy associated comments
    • copy associated labels
    • select list and position in list
  • card activities log:
    • add card to list
    • move card to different list
    • copy card
    • add/edit/remove due date
    • add/edit/remove comment
  • subscribe to card => notifications when actvities are logged
  • card prview including: title, labels, due_date, description flag, comment flag + count
  • quick edit feature:
    • edit labels
    • edit due date
    • move card
    • copy card
    • archive card
  • link to card for each activity in log

Steps to set up app the app:

1) Make sure you have npm installed ( 2) Install nodemon globally if not already installed (npm install nodemon -g) 3) Clone the repository 4) Open terminal, navigate to root directory of project 5) Execute the following command in order to install the node modules: npm install 6) Execute the following commands in the root directory to setup the databases:

psql postgres < sql/antrello_app_dump_no_data.sql

psql postgres < sql/antrello_test_dump.sql

7) Execute the following command in root directory of the project in order to start up the server : npm start 8) Open browser and navigate to: http://localhost:3000/

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