• Students Around The World - Students around the world are suffering from a crisis within a pandemic, unable to get a hold on. In desperate need of a tool that can help with all the issues that are related to un-organization.
  • The COVID-19 Response - The COVID-19 response managed to decrease the spread of the virus, but due to the recent lockdown lift, the spread has increased; therefore, stress and depression are now at an all-time high!

The Antive team wants to spread awareness and help all those in need of a tool that can relieve their management stress and keep them focused on their mental health.

What it does

Antive is a personalized application that all students are able to utilize and remain organized. Students will be able to keep a track of their activities and content on a safe and secure platform. We provide 4 main features:

  • The agenda helps students organize and schedule their busy lives by creating their to-do list and project details on our platform
  • Our budgeting feature can help you make better financial decisions, and stay focused on your life rather than focus on where money is flowing. Our data visualization helps to show the distribution of income and expenses.
  • We also have a community where students can share and get advice from people who can relate to them. In this community, people can join different groups depending on their interests.
  • Lastly, our vault feature helps you store all your files with assurance and makes sharing your documents very easy with personalized links.

We authenticate all users using firebase to ensure safe data processing and for personalization.

How we built it

To construct Antive, we used various different tools:

  • React: We used React as the main tool for developing user interfaces along with the Node.js backend.
  • Firebase: We used firebase authentication(google and email/password), firestore (real-time database) and storage indexes to sort, and keep the files in a safe place.
  • API: We used this API to get the chat feature up and running!

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was incorporating all the individual components into the dashboard so all users can see their data in one place. It took some time to find a good reference for a dashboard and implement it. Also adding database storage was difficult due to the sheer amount of data of users that needed to be processed for all the components.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how the entire platform was created and that we were able to finish the project within the restricted time period. The project seemed daunting at first, but as we got more involved, more progress was made. We were able to strengthen our coding knowledge, and our ability to execute a complete coding project.

What I learned

  1. How to implement firebase into authentication and data storage
  2. API integration for
  3. How to do data visualization
  4. How to personalize a student dashboard

What's next for Antive

  • Expand our platform to incorporate a job searching platform and news personalization.
  • Integrating a meeting feature so students can collaborate and chat to give advice to other students.
  • Redesign and re-engineer the “Agenda” to make it more user-friendly, and add collaboration as well.

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