• Less transparency with traditional music platform.
  • Give control back to music creators over distribution of their content.
  • To create a more streamlined approach to collecting royalties and enforcing copyrights.

What it does

Antitoxic is a decentralized music platform that focuses on providing music producers with a way to publish and protect their albums. Artists can exhibit their pieces and directly communicate with fans to sell their "records". Also, the platform allows music lovers to buy artists' music.

How we built it

  • Celo Testnet
  • Flutter Framework / ReactJS
  • Benefits management (UI Skeleton to showcase our use case)

Challenges we ran into

  • Copyright challenges and data storing issue.
  • IPFS network distribution complexity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Available access decentralized data belong NFTs.
  • Able to play the NFT music.

What we learned

  • Crypto/blockchain can be applied to any real-world application

What's next for Antitoxic Music Platform

We would like to refine the look of our DAPP to make it easier and more intuitive for content creators and buyers to complete transactions. We would like to work on cross-chain compatibility so we can be a one stop shop music licensing. We will be promoting our platform to artists directly and through advertising at concerts. A future application we strive to achieve is the capability for artists to host virtual concert in an integrated metaverse environment.

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