Our company is registered in Kazakhstan, we do not find your country in the list and pointed Russia, although no legal restrictions. microsoft is already working with us. We need technology Havok, for create multiplayer online Antitank game for many platforms. After a few requests on the official website you sent us on projectanarchy.com subsequent requests are ignored. What we can to begin a dialogue with the company Havok? We made the game for your contest, the entire logic of the game, we have implemented in lua scripts, except zoom or FOV, as this function in lua was not, but otherwise we like your engine, and we very much want to create programs using it. The reasons behind the creation of the game Anti Tank:

  1. The availability of mobile devices with touch monitors are high-resolution and of sufficient sensitivity.
  2. Management rocket shell is still not implemented in any of the games. The intended target audience - all TANK gamers, because Anti Tank is destroyed tanks. To have fire and shock the power of multi-ton tank is cool, but even cooler to try to resist these MONSTERS!!! And how? The mission of the player - Run firing task is to destroy all of the tanks twelve anti-tank missiles. To destroy the tank the player must choose a tank, to launch rocket, impose a red cross on a tank and keep it on the tank to the missile.

For this purpose in the game Anti Tank have the following options:

  • random relevant to the player's level of complexity (from one or two fixed tanks to twelve tanks with high speed unpredictable trajectories of movement);
  • select the magnification device for conducting reconnaissance (effective Zoom);
  • make independent decisions on the choice of the current target for destruction
  • selection and improvement of management techniques, anti-tank missiles;
  • planning of the battle ('s level) for the destruction of all tanks allocated by the number of rockets (the target flow of missiles for each level is twelve, as ATGW "Shturm-s"). For realization of these opportunities the Game provides a simple, convenient and intuitively understandable interface of the player:
  • the clear choice of the level of the game - “Selected level:”;
  • one button start the game - START; a simple management review and guidance sighting mark (center cross red in the center of the monitor) - move your finger on the monitor;
  • standing (in the course of exploration and targeting crosshairs on the target, and in-flight missiles after launch) management of increase of the device exploration - round button (+) and (-) in the lower left corner of the monitor;
  • the red button to launch (FIRE) - on the right bottom;
  • posted on a circle of green (available not charged missiles) and red (charged on the launcher and ready to start the rocket) indicators drum laying launch bottom right;
  • indicator number is not affected tanks Tank:” the positive result of the game “victory”- at the top right. The game is available here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kz.daksc.AntiTank

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