One of our teammate's grandfather recently fell victim to a phishing scam and so we sought out a way to prevent this from happening to others.

What it does

Antiphish compares keywords for commonly accessed websites with the domains you access and flags sites that do not have the host domain that we feel the user is trying to reach. We then provides users with the option to either whitelist the domain they are at or continue on to the domain we believe they may actually be trying to reach. When users decide to whitelist a site, they are added to a database as safe.

How we built it

Who knows...

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it!

What we learned

How to make a chrome extension. Javascript. Comparing strings.

What's next for AntiPhisher

  1. Connect with PhishTank, an existing database of potential phishing Urls, and flag any pages originating from the root domains listed in this database. We can also upload pages that users navigate away from to the PhishTank database.
  2. Collect data on sites that users navigate away from and choose to remain on to apply machine learning techniques to improve our flagging accuracy.
  3. Temporarily halt active Javascript created by flagged pages.
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