Within a high schooler's life, deadlines are a daily occurrence. However, time management is often not practiced, leading to stress and subpar work. Anticrastinator attempts to curb these habits.

What it does

Anticrastinator is an all-in-one solution, combining multiple features into the ultimate anti-procrastination app, designed to target one specific deadline. With the message feature, you can receive periodic messages, both on your computer and on your phone. The ringtone feature compliments these messages with a noise on the computer, and the external devices lets you connect your arduino or raspberry pi to allow for more custom and physical options. Use the notes feature as a to-do list, and for those who are the most extreme procrastinators, we've got you covered with the fun little frenzy option. With the frenzy, procrastinators will be forced to stop whatever they're doing via a bombardment of messages when time gets too short.

How we built it

Anticrastinator was an entirely software based program, built with python and tkinter.

Challenges we ran into

The creation of Anticrastinator was not a very smooth experience. Fraught with glitches and strange errors, it was a difficult time scramble towards the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the experiences that we had on this project. We had fun, and we also learned a lot about python in a short amount of time; something that could never be accomplished in a classroom.

What we learned

Most of the knowledge gained from Anticratinator was of python: we were mere beginners in the language, and we had no idea how to use tkinter or twilio. However, we quickly learned. Some video production experience was also gained.

What's next for Anticrastinator

Next up for Anticrastinator is to enable usb porting, so that external devices such as the rasberry pi and arduino can be used.

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