monitor the flow of cash in your professional and personnel expenditure. i once find myself not being able to track how i spent my money; caught up in the case of slight unconscious expenses. i felt slightly insecure with the banks i keep my money as my initial thought was that my bank account has been circumvent. i almost always need to read through my bank statement to see how i spend these money so i thought to myself i've got to start making an immediate cash flow monitoring in the most simplest and socially engaging way to enable me to make inform purchase. So i decided to implement anticipate mycash flow. The application is targeted at all ages and could be deploy to different form factors as I intend to implement the app in a form of responsive online widget that could be loaded from different screen sizes. anticipate my cash will facilitate for budget making so a user can create an expenditure budget for over a period of time and also independently keep track of their expenses by taking time to carefully audit their purchase information. while trying to keep track of their expense, the user can select or add to the list of items and locations that been curated by the community of user making use of anticipate mycash.

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