Actual need for advanced directives

What it does

A game that helps patients to write their advanced directives

How I built it

  • A 2D mockup of all the screens of the application (Adobe XD)
  • The begining of a 3D prototype in Unity
  • The whole content of the game (rules, cards, etc.) in two languages : english and french (in an excel file)

Challenges I ran into

Technical issues (difficulties to get registred), working in team via Zoom, tiredness...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished the conceptual content of the game in time!

What I learned

Manage stress

What's next for Anticip'action

It will integrated in a nearly developped app : ACCORD (this project is funded by the HUG Fondation in Geneva)

Team Members and Roles

  • Christine Clavien (project leader)
  • Céline Schöpfer
  • Aida Yamani
  • Pascale Lefuel
  • Arnaud Ricci (UX Designer)
  • Jonas Allemann
  • Marta Fadda
  • Pierre Sutter
  • Ines Serre
  • Samia Hurst
  • Manon Sauvage

Built With

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