In lieu of the many people who have lost their lives from cancer, especially with this week including the famous David Bowie and Alan Rickman, we would like to alleviates the stresses and pains that go through the minds of many cancer patients around the world. With an app that tells them information about whether you can take drugs before or after meals, potential life threatening symptoms of drugs, and when they should go visit an Emergency Department, it would truly make a big difference in peoples lives. Instead of having to rely on the paper package that the Cancer Centre gives out, it is quick and efficient to access resources online. This project was suggested by Anatoli Chkaroubo Junior, who works at the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton.

What it does

It is an app that contains information on specific anti-cancer drugs and potential symptoms or side effects of each drug. It tells you what to do if you accidentally miss a dose or accidentally take too much of your dosage. It contains Emergency Contact information for Poison Control along with key contacts of the Cancer Care Centre.

How we built it

The app itself is an Android App built using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the problems was finding out how to code in Android Studio in the first place as it is a combination of Java and XML. It was certainly a learning curve to learn it in the first place. However, the biggest challenge was definitely the pulling and pushing and committing masters on GitHub. We ran in to a lot of trouble with version control and transferring the most updated programs between our computers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud that we managed to learn so much programming, in Android in such a short time. Even with a Java background, most of the front-end developing was XML which was a significant learning curve, but we're extremely proud of our finished product now.

What we learned

We learned how to program a lot in Android in one night, more than we had ever expected. We learned the importance of naming activities and variables. This is vital, especially in sharing code between 4 people. We also learned the basis of Mobile Development, which is a good background to fall back on.

What's next for Anticancer Drug Info

So far, we have the symptoms and possible side effects coded into the program along with a very short list of drugs (as very few was provided by the doctor for reference). However, we would like to expand this so that it links to the National Cancer Institute Website and contains much more information on anti-cancer drugs - or a link towards a doctor-suggested website. We would also like to increase functionality on Contacts Page, so you can directly call the Hospital Number or email them. As well, we would like to add another functionality where users can log into an account and have their list of "saved" drugs and side effects that they have to pay specific attention to. For users who want to keep a sense of privacy, they can use the "guest account."

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