We all know the pain of staying coped up in a house because of the coronavirus outbreak and even after a year we still can't do our regular social activities. We realized that boredom affects our mental health more than we realized. We were just really bored of being bored and we also wanted to help others like us find fun things to do. So we decided to put our different knowledge and experiences together to make something (even if it is very simple) that can help with our boredom.

What it does

Our original idea was also to build a webspace with a wide variety of different components that can help you find new things to do. So, we have an activity generator that will suggest an activity for you to do based on some info from you. There is a mood quiz that will ask you a series of simple questions to analyze your mood and then suggest Spotify playlists to improve your mood or, if you are a happy person, to make you feel even better. We also have a chatbox feature when you can chat with others and make new friends. Lastly, it has a cute cookie clicker game to exercise your fingers and keep you busy for a little while.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and ReactJs for the frontend work. Game section which has for now one game Cookie Clicker was built using unity and C#. For client and server side of chat room we used We created mood predictor by giving user some random fun questions, which predicted their mood according to the responses and suggested some Spotify playlist according to their mood using Spotify API. To make user get involved in some activity and kill their boredom, we created activity suggestor by taking their field of interest and number of people as input, and suggested them some random activity accordingly which also based on API. We used Vercel to deploy our website on GoDaddy.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were trying out new things for the first time so it was a very long learning process. We had trouble with unity because one of our teammates was making the game independently for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a better UI design than ever before and also finish the project on time even when we struggled to come up with an idea initially.

What we learned

We learned many new technical skills but also to keep trying even when it seems obsolete because sometime soon you will do it and it is going to keep awesome. We Learned to deploy on domain which was new for us.

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