AntiAdmin is a userscript/browser extension that automatically disables permissions and redirects when adding a bot to a Discord server. Click here to quick install.


What this means

Too often, when you are adding a bot to a Discord server, it asks for all kinds of weird permsissions, and takes you to all kinds of weird websites. This puts and end to that, and prevents the bot from automatically creating a role for itself as well.


This script was created by one Discord server admin's frustration with how many bots wanted the "admin" role, when normal moderators weren't allowed to have this role themselves. Servers should be operating in a zero-trust environment, where they assume everything and everyone is potentially malicious.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started. You can either install the userscript or the browser extension. Note that installing the userscript requires a compatible userscript engine, like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. See the userscript section to install the userscript version, or the browser extension section to install the browser extension instead.


To install, you'll need to have a tool like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey installed. Then click this link. A pop-up should appear asking you to install.


The browser extension version is coming soon!


This was created by Gideon Tong, whom you can contact at for support.

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