Keep unwanted callers at bay with the Anti-Spam Phone Bot. This phone sentry will guard your phone lines and keep robotic, illegal, and unwanted phone calls from disrupting your day. It is fully compatible with your answering machine and voicemail system so you will only get the messages that you want. There is also an app version for your mobile phone.

This device waits for incoming phone calls and checks their Caller ID information against a list of good and bad phone numbers. If the call is on a bad list, the call is immediately dropped. The user will simply hear the phone ring once. If the caller is on a good list, the call is allowed to continue. The user would hear the phone ring in their house as it normally does. The user can answer the phone or they can let it go to voicemail.

If the caller is not on a good list or a bad list the, the call will go through. If the user decides that the caller is someone they don't want to speak to, the caller can press a code on their phone and the device will add the number to a list of bad callers. The device will now recognize any calls from that Caller ID as bad, from now on.

A smart phone app would be created to function the same way as the device so that smart phone users could use this system as well.

Users can adjust all the settings for their device via the internet.

The blacklist of bad numbers is generated by an algorithm on the website that looks at all the user information about unwanted callers. Legal mass marketing companies can register their phone numbers so that they are not black listed. Individual users can still blacklist those numbers if they want to.

It works just like your email. This is the worlds first spam filter for your phone. Introducing the Anti-Spam Phone Bot.

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