Everyone knows about the alarms that abruptly wake us from our slumbers each morning, but have you heard of alarms that can keep us awake while we're driving? We present - the Anti-sleep alarm.

Anti-sleep alarm is an application to keep car drivers awake. Although it was designed for car drivers, it can also be used in any other situation where you need to stay awake.

The way the app works is very simple. To make it work you need to have at least Galaxy Gear 2 or Galaxy Gear S. Optionally you can also have a mobile phone which is working with the mentioned devices.

At the beginning, the application asks (in the smartwatch) the user a series of simple questions, like how many hours they have been sleeping and how tired they are.

If you optionally have the phone, the application using front camera will be monitoring your face and face movements to estimate fatigue level.

Then, based on several factors like fatigue level, answers from the survey, the time a driver is on the road, the app gives driving instructions to the user:

  • The driver should shake hand from time to time. If the driver forgets to shake the hand, the soft vibration of smartwatch will prompt them to do so.

  • If not, the alarm will make loud noise.

  • A user can be also prompted to take a short break or finish the trip.

Simple, but it saves lives.

I hope you like the idea of the app and you find it useful for drivers. Of course there is still plenty of things we can improve to make the app better and to increase safety on the road, like:

  • better fine tuning of fatigue level computation, especially at night,
  • friend notification - if you don’t react as you should then the app calls your friend’s phone to tell them that something may have happened to you.
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