What is project-faccination about? This project, built at Auth0 hackathon, is an attempt at making a nifty service with a chromium based browser extension, a webapp and some apis at informing the user about the safety of the website a user is viewing. We are using an npm package page-data-parser to find out simple metadata like domain, subdomain etc of a page and then use Bing Entity Search to establish the validity of the domain to its content. The service provides a score to every website, which will be categorized into 3 types for the end user for simplicity sake- Safe, Caution, Fake.

The basic functionality will be extended upon in the webapp, where the user can look up for any website, check if the website is genuine or not, and also see a side by side visual comparision of how the genuine website looks in comparision to the fake website!

Before this hackathon none of us on the team had any hands on experience with a web based project, implementing the full stack, so we kind of taught ourselves how to do stuff along the way. Some things we could not figure out things major and minor at first, but we somehow made it through!

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