Our team has always been very passionate about the environment. As soon as we signed up for this Hackathon, we knew that we wanted to make something that would educate others about a large sustainability issue that is often overlooked, fast fashion.

What it does

We created a 10 question quiz that is meant for young adults or anyone that wants to learn more about fast fashion. Throughout the quiz, you will be told what the right and wrong answers are and at the end, a final score is given. Once the quiz is completed, a link is provided to further read on the issue of fast fashion. The purpose of this quiz is to open people's eyes to the issue that lives within our closets!

How we built it

We built our interactive website using three core languages: html5, css3, and vanilla javascript. We also employed css3's flexbox module, transitions, and animations, and we used boxysvg for vector graphics design and prototyping.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into is that we are a team of beginners, and come into this project with almost no knowledge on how to create this project that we wanted to make. Slowly we began to learn javascript, HTML and CSS and figured out what they were each responsible for in web development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What we learned

This was truly a learning experience for every member of our team, since the strict time constraints forced us to learn about various aspects of web design in a short period of time. We learned about dynamic and responsive design, DOM manipulation, and javascript data structures. We also learned a lot about UI design, and how to make our website more visually appealing and (relatively) modern-looking. Finally, we learned about the various challenges that come with coding with a team in an online format, such as what IDEs were best, and how to collaborate on ideas for design choices.

What's next for Slow Fashion

Although informative, our website is still quite simple. We're hoping to add more resources to it (such as a different section for information without having to take the quiz), as well as a series of next steps that youth can take to make a difference in the fast fashion industry.

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