Our fix for the anti-cargo theft problem is both a hardware and a software solution. Our plan is to reduce the amount of cargo that is stolen during driver breaks or on weekends by adding gyroscopes to the doors and accelerometers in the truck. This is a cost effective method to detect unexpected movements. When movement is detected, the GPS checks its current location with the last location it has saved to check for movement. If it has moved then a program will check if the truck is running outside of normal hours of operation and if so it will notify the police. Otherwise the program checks if the driver is punched in and should be driving the vehicle, and if not, it will send a notification with the current location to our client and the police. These solutions are focused mainly on cases where the truck is stolen at stops or facilities.

On the exclusively software side of our added solution, we made code to analyze previous data for the route that trucks go through to make an approximate graph of where the trucks should be at each time along the route. If trucks deviate too far from this, an automatic alert will be sent to our clients. After each route the data of the trucks distance at times along the route and where they stop is fed into the program to help it adjust to the most commonly used path. Furthermore, to be proactive in preventing theft of cargo, we made an algorithm that takes in previous locations of theft and maps out potential high risk areas so that the supply chain can modify their routes as needed. These solutions are focused towards the case where the cargo is stolen on route.

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