We have been inspired by how NFT's are building strong and vibrant communities in both real and metaverse environments.

What it does

Anti Artist Club is creating an ecosystem for music enthusiasts to rally behind. We want to provide real-world benefits such as access to exclusive shows as well as a way for other like-minded people to connect easily online.

How we built it

We are creating NFT's that are randomly algorithmically generated with over 100 unique assets curated by our team deployed on the Solana blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest hurdles were drafting the types of assets that people would connect with and cherish

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are thrilled about the opportunity of an ecosystem that will create lifelong friends.

What we learned

We've learned from our prior nft projects how to curated design, engage fans and build a sustaining desirable brand that will last.

What's next for Anti Artist Artist's Club

Here's are roadmap! Q3 -Get the Website online -attributes for 2222 Anti’s Gen 1 -Do special Anti’s for those who inspired us to do this project. -Do premint to first 300) users -Launch on Oct 23rd 9PM UTC

Q4 -Hire a 3D Designer. -Getting Gen 2 Artists Assets generated -implement staking system

Q1 -Launch Gen 2 ( for minting) -Release 3D blue prints for IRL toys. -Start development creation of the ANTI-store.

Q2 -Launch 2dMetaverse platform for Anti attend concerts similar to -Real world Blockchain festival. -Partner with a blockchain music platform

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