When we look around, we see there are many disaster that occurs, either naturally or human-made. Yet there're not many noticed it, whether because they're simply don't care about it, or for some, they actually don't aware of it, and realized it once there's a news about it. From this, we have an idea to make an application in which we hope, by making an app like this, people will start being aware of what actually happened near them, and not just ignored like it doesn't even exists. Save the earth, the same way as you love your waifu.

What it does

  1. It can store data which contains a photos, title, description about a disaster on that place, its coordinates, and human friendly location
  2. It also can fetch data from Backend side
  3. It can show a list of disaster either by filtering it by location and/or categories, or by distance between user and the nearest disaster

How we built it

At first we want to build a web application so people don't have to download app which also would be burden their limited internal storage. But in the mid on making, we got an idea about actually made it a portable application so it doesn't have to be a web application. So we actually made one, in the form of public REST API and for normal user, a mobile application.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We were having trouble on trying to make both Front-End side which handled by Flutter, and Back-End side which handled by Python, to communicate with each other over a network.
  2. We were also having trouble on designing a database and how those data would be save in the database
  3. We were confused on how to make this user friendly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We finally know how to make a proper application that actually benefited everyone, and not just a targeted community
  2. We also finally could make an android app which could fetch a data from, and submit into a server

What we learned

  1. Deploying and making changes into a running database isn't a trivial task
  2. REST API should be made to withstand any input, including those that the API's doesn't expected to

What's next for Earth-chan

  1. Optimize UI/UX to be more appealling
  2. Optimize some feature that are still not finished yet (although already functional)
  3. Make another client side application to widen its users
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