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What it does

MemeMe (pronounced "Meam - Me" ) is a social media/messaging app built around Microsoft Azure's platform whose main feature is taking a photo of the user and analyzing the facial expressions in this photo using Microsoft's Vision API. MemeMe then determines what captions would be funny for this photo, creates a meme using this text, and then uploads it to a social media stream or messages this image to a friend.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to develop this app.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Android Studio can be slow and difficult to use.
  2. Some members had no Android Studio experience
  3. Working collectively on a single code source was difficult to coordinate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We managed to create an app that takes a picture of the user and send a request to Microsoft's Vision API. This request returned the emotion of the photo's subject. We then used this emotion to create humorous captioned photos, or memes.

What we learned

We are a group of five first time hackers and do not have as much experience as our competitors, so we spend a fair amount of time learning about Android Studio and Microsoft Azure rather than actually coding. After this weekend, our knowledge of how to use these systems increased dramatically.

What's next for MemeMe

MemeMe currently saves all posts locally rather than on the Microsoft Azure database. We would like to further develop MemeMe so images can be sent to other app uses as well as posted into a social media stream.

The app UI works for the purposes of our demonstration, but we would also like to improve the aesthetic appearance of our user interface before we deploy it.

Currently, only one possible caption is randomly created for the user. We want to improve this feature to allow the user to swipe between different captions, like swiping between different filters on Snapchat.

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