The problem deals with driving user adoption and incentivising consistent use. The first idea that came to our head was the paradigm of the carrot and the stick. To avoid a simple gamification solution, we decided to additionally integrate a mechanism to reward participation and deliver real value to associates.

What it does

The ANTHO extension to the Vitals app adds a dashboard that allows users to view their ANTHO and customize its appearance, give feedback, and gain rewards from consistent usage.

How I built it

ANTHO is a proposed new page on the existing My Vitals Application. We've created a web page to demonstrate an example layout and linked that website to a server less architecture hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Challenges I ran into

JSON problems, progressive web app problems

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Concept, The presentation, The website demo, the AWS backend

The TEAM: Quest Brown Sheldon Prescott Hrishab Dewab

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