We were comparing our classes and trying to figure out which classes we can take together.

We realized there was no tool that made this easy and visual.

What it does

It takes Antplanner which allows a single individual to plan his/her schedule and turns it into an API that we consume in order to allow a group of students to use this data visually together to understand their collective schedules.

How we built it

We used Azure virtual machine with Ubuntu, Node.js, and the Azure MSSQL Database Logic App.

Challenges I ran into

Sergey decided to use Backbone and Require.js which was a little annoying, but he still delivered despite that.

We decided to use MSSQL, and had to fix Sequelize's implementation of Tedious.

We tried to use Hapi but the new versions docs were out of sync, so we switched to express.

We assumed cookies could work cross-origin but they didn't, so we served the app from the same origin so we don't have to reimplement that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We designed, planned, and completed a full fledged app that is functional and iterates on the usefulness of Antplanner -- in less than 2 days.

What I learned

See challenges I ran into. XD

What's next for AntGroup

We'll await user feedback and improve it accordingly.

Warning we did not have time or money to deploy with SSL, don't use an old password when creating an account!!

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