Antennae allows you to create collections of face prints and later search an image across any number of selected databases. Each search will also return detected emotions, gender, estimated age range, and other facial features such as the presence of glasses, facial hair and smiles.

It enables businesses to offer a free face recognition check-in and loyalty program to guests and give users a first-class experience.


Users can create and manage their collections of face prints and use the Search feature to lookup other guests by image or Check-in mode to allow use at point-of-sale. It transparently presents logs of recognition to the business and guest who has the ability to share the 'check-in' and photo w/ friends. Future versions will allow repeat check-insto earn the user points.

Enterprise accounts get a loyalty/rewards tool as well as a security platform. Each search or check-in can also be run against any number of additional databases and notifications sent to admins when a user from selected databases is found. By default, match threshold is 98%.


This project is a showcase of skills across the entire stack. It shows front-end design, database design, backend node.js, security, ai, devops, sales, marketing and support.

  • 1) Integrating aws rekognition into meteorjs to run searches in realtime.
  • 2) UI/UX, designing intuitive and simple interfaces
  • 3) Optimizing docker container builds
  • 4) Achieving continuous deployment with GitLab, Terraform & AWS
  • 5) Developing a marketing wordpress landing page



Whats Next

  • continue to add cool features
  • easier setup and deploy
  • Wordpress site
  • Many-to-one face and person relationships
  • 2-factor authentication for face check-in
  • continuous deployment to kubernetes
  • recognizing users from video
  • "Anti-virus" for your face
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