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Our mission at Antecard is to bring financial inclusion to the world's population and make crypto adoption and DeFi easy, friendly, and cost-efficient for all.

Market Trends

The rising demand for credit cards is expected to fuel the growth of the card market in the forecast period. The rise in demand for consumer credit products tends to be very apparent in an economic crisis. According to TransUnion CIBIL Limited, an India-based credit information company, credit card debts, and the number of accounts increased by 40.7% and 29.8% respectively with 44.5 million cards in circulation in 2019. Yahoo Finance

Market Opportunity

Our research shows that Credit card revenue is projected to reach $481.7 billion by 2028. The growth in the industry is exponential, especially for Crypto-enabled credit cards.

TAM The global cards market is expected to grow from $251.33 billion in 2021 to $275.5 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6%. The market is expected to grow to $399.15 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7%. source: Yahoo Finance

SAM Our estimated Serviceable Available Market is the crypto-enabled credit card market. We estimate the yearly revenue to be around $45 billion.

SOM Our Serviceable Obtainable Market, if we achieve to obtain 15% of our addressable market stands at a 7 Billion Market Opportunity.

The Problem

Many people around the world can't use crypto for payments in real life. Credit card issuers are tied to incumbents (Visa and Mastercard), and they only allow you to spend what you deposit.

If you've been in crypto long enough, you've most likely wondered: "Why can't I use all these crypto tokens in real life?" and "Wouldn't it be cool if I could select any of my tokens and pay directly with crypto for my coffee?

Our Solution


The 1st Non-custodial Credit Card that earns Cashback Rewards and NFTs.

Pay in real-time, anywhere, and save money with every purchase!

How is it Non-Custodial?

Select the Token you want to pay with, get a real-time exchange rate, and pay instantly!

Powered by the Antelope+EVM ecosystem.

We leverage the best DeFi platforms in the Antelope ecosystem and other EVM-compatible networks.

How does it work?

1 - Approach any merchant and place your smartphone on the device. 2 - Open the Antecard App and select the token you wish to use. 3 - You will then get a real-time quote for your purchase. 4 - press on "Approve" (If you have an external wallet like Anchor or Metamask, you will be prompted to transfer the tokens from your connected wallet) 5 - You are DONE. Enjoy your purchase :-)

How does it REALLY work?

Once we identify that you want to make a credit card payment, Antecard will send a Push Notification to the device, inviting you to open the App. When you select a Token, Antecard will search for the best exchange rate, calculate the required slippage, and return a real-time quote denominated in your tokens. Once you approve the transaction, while you send the tokens, we process the payment with the merchant. We then exchange the tokens and perform the settlement in the background with no extra hassle for the user.

We estimate the slippage and add a small % to protect us from market volatility.

That is Not ALL!

The Antecard app offers a ton of extra features like

  • Earn (Staking rewards)
  • Borrow (Leveraging DeFi Lending Platforms)
  • Swap (Seamlessly Swap between ecosystem tokens)
  • Win Prizes (Referrals and Cash Rewards)
  • Buy & Sell NFTs (Leveraging the AtomicHub MarketPlace)

What is the Business Model?

We have 3 Key Revenue Streams:

  1. Slippage - We do not charge fees for payments. However, for every transaction, we ensure that the slippage is correct and we take a small % over the rate which also protects us from price volatility.
  2. Membership - We Use a Freemium Model, in which users get all our services free of charge. However, users can Opt to pay a monthly Subscription which entitles them to better rates and exclusive offers.
  3. Brands & Ads - We leverage our userbase to promote certain products within the Antelope ecosystem, merchants that accept Antecard as payment, and nearby special offers for Antecard holders.

Who is the Team?

We are dedicated and committed members of the Antelope Ecosystem:

Hernan - Product Vero - Community Ami - Smart Contracts Yevhen - Front End

What is next for Antecard?

At first, this started as just a cool idea for the competition, but with 5 design prototypes, 10+ Mobile Wireframe screens, and a Full-Fledge Investor deck later, we are convinced that we can actually build the product and make the idea come to life.

There are a lot of assumptions in this idea, like the fact that we'll be able to issue an official credit card or that we can process real-time payments with no deposited collateral and acquire the legal requirements to operate as a credit card issuer and a financial entity. But that is why we submitted this as an Idea.

If the community wants it to be built, and the funding for turning this idea into a reality is made available, we are more than ready to get to work!

Thank you for considering our project.

Hernan & The Antecard Team.

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