Ant3 /an·tree/

Ant3 is a one-stop solution that enables you to put your virtual-self in the queueing line; so while you enjoy your time with yourself, the queue can keep progressing.


Humans have been around in this world for more than 200 thousand years, and the more we spend time in this mother Earth, the more our numbers are growing.

When we are talking about our population numbers, there are three society problems that we are facing right now as a species:

  1. We know that Covid-19 forces us to stay away from each other. Mother nature pulled us all the way from the social living things, the homo sociologicus, into being forced to isolate ourselves from each other. That would be a huge problem. Either you are ravenous just to go back chilling with your friends like you always do before the pandemic, or simply because your life depends on it, one way or another, you will find yourself required to go outside.

  2. Do you remember how far people had to queue to purchase a newly-released iPhone last year? Imagine that, but now add the fact that we have to stay 2 meters apart from each other. Mathematically speaking, you will need more than 100 meters of lanes to accommodate 50ish people to queue.

  3. Even before the pandemic, people already hate waiting. It drives everyone crazy, and you know why? Waiting in line puts us in direct contact with the unknown: we don't know when we'll check out, we don't know how much more time we have to stand waiting, we don’t know what is happening at the front of the line. And we hate the unknown. To make matters worse, here's a fact: you will spend 1-2 years of your life, just to wait in line.

For those reasons, we thought of something: What if people could queue themselves without even leaving their home? What if there's a chance for us to be able to step into wherever we want to go, and find ourselves always at the front of the line.

Here's what will happen. Two years of your life can be used for something for the greater good: helping homeless people, finding a cure for a disease, anything. It's endless possibilities. And, while we are in the pandemic era, imagine that we won't have to meet someone else we don't really want to meet, that really help the government in containing the outbreak, and being responsible to our fellow human beings.

What it does

Ant3 is a one-stop application that enables you to put your virtual-self in the queueing line, and while you enjoy your time with yourself, the queue can keep progressing. Ant3 even calculates how much time it would take until the queues are up, so your activity will become easier since the pandemic makes the community needs to implement social-distancing.

Suppose if you don't want to go to just one place, but 5 or 10. With Ant3, you can simply add those places to the Agenda. You also have the freedom to start the queue right away or keep it for later.

With Ant3, we want everyone's daily activities to be seamless, in sequence, in order. It's not about how you should not meet each other, it's about using your time to do what you care about. That's our mission.

How we built it

The projet is developed using React for building the apps and Firebase for database and authentication.

Challenges we ran into

  • Determining which features are fit for the minimum viable product
  • Implementing new small ideas/features while completing the application
  • Constantly patching the application from business and technological loopholes

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We aced our sprint, we made it this far. We execute the ideas, at least the first step.

What we learned

We learn about project coordination, maintain the pace for a coding marathon, and we learn how to achieve front end-back end synergy.

What’s next for our project

  1. Subscription features, first-class queueor
  2. Implement AI to estimate time before the queue is up, giving user the precise recommendation
  3. Data analysis for our business partner, provides rich information about their customers
  4. Point-rewarding system

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