We have many companies that are missing an easy and smooth way to brand themselves in their Microsoft Outlook emails. Today they only have one branding space which is the autosignature function.

The challenge with the autosignature is that it appears at the bottom and while we are reading our emails on mobile devices we more often wont come down to the bottom of the email. If we have our subscriptionlink, Social Media links, videolinks etc. here the brand value is decreasing.

Furthermore there is many companies who wants to streamline their daily email communication with their own design. Saving time in all aspects is crucial for all companies and saving time is meaning saving money.

What it does

With Ant Text you are able to create your own email templates with your wanted design directly in your Outlook and share them with the rest of your employees with our new sharing feature.

New feature is you can use fixed and custom merge fields and at same time attach standard files in your emails that automatically will appear in your email when you choose it. This is a feature you have never seen before in your Outlook emails.

The benefit of using Ant Text is you will be improving your brand and customer service in your company.

Ant Text make your emails work better!

How I built it

We builded it with the Microsoft Graph API and followed all the ISV guidelines from Microsoft.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many challenges. First of all we ran into performance challenges. The app is opening in Microsoft exploerer and not Microsoft Edge that could speed the performance up we think. Secondly we used a lot of time on finding the right way to show pictures inside the body text on all devices. Thirdly the design should be uniform when the receiver is opening the email on other mail platforms than Microsoft Outlook.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of beeing approved by Microsoft in Appsource.

What I learned

We have found out how the Microsoft Graph's works and that we are able to create more apps this way.

What's next for Ant Text to Outlook

We are thinking about developing the Ant Text in other Microsoft programs soon. Furthermore we are looking into integrations to thirdparty's that could use our template management.

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