Inspiration - This project was inspired by the current state of pandemics all students and teachers are in as of right now. To restrict the social contact through materials between teachers and students, teachers can efficiently grade their student's tests using this program.

What it does - Teachers in this program grade their student's unit test by entering the student's answers respective to each question. After entering all the student's answers, the program will grade the student's test and will display the student's answers next to the correct answers. The program will also then state the number of correct and incorrect answers the student received. Lastly, the program will state whether the student passed the exam or not.

How we built it - Our team had built this program using the language of Java through We created two separate arrays - one for the student's answers and the correct answers - and compared these arrays to grade the student's answers. Furthermore, we had used if loops in the program to compare the answers but also to efficiently covert the user's answer to uppercase to make the program more efficient.

Challenges we ran into - One challenge our team ran into was the question if the student does not have an answer for the respective questions. To solve this, our team had used loops to make sure that the student clicks enter - the question will be skipped.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We am proud of making this program simple and efficient as the user is able to use the program easily from visually reading the directions in the program.

What's next for answerGrader - In the future, We hope to add more enhancements to the program, one being with the user choosing their own required score for the user to pass for the test. Furthermore, We hope to add some more changes including the user determining the number of questions and for them to edit the test answer key.

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