My journey starts when I have seen an advertisement where a single drop of water is coming out from tab and ad says please save water save the earth. On that time onward I am thinking of lot of designs which can prevent leakage of water from the taps. I was not from the technical background so it takes lot of research and research about the designs. Main challenges to produce it as well with different materials.

What it does

It stops the leakage of water from the tabs. It prevents almost 0 to 45 liters of water everyday from a single tab. You can imagine how many tabs are there in the whole world and how much water we can save. 

How I built it

I built this with the help of 3D printing first I have created the designs 3D.  then I outsource the person who has a 3D printer so he print it. 

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was that I am not from technical background so I need to do lot of research about designs. Then I have to search about the material which I can be used for printing this I almost talk to more than 20 people regarding the material. In 3D printing dimensions are very important to print a product so I calculated them and it was very very difficult to do that in a cylindrical shape. 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

my Idea was selected in idea acceleration program from icreate.

What I learned

every thing is possible you just have the well to do it.

What's next for ansh

I am developing more alternative design and trying with different materials.

Built With

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