Breath is the most essential part of our well being, we can detect physical as well as mental state through it. We wanted to create an experience where someone can get live visual feedback for their breathing pattern to know that we are in control of our psyche through our breath. And understanding how to regulate breathing can help maintain good mental health.

What it does

The application uses the Movesense sensor, attached to the user, and interpolates their breathing pattern using the gyroscope and heart rate reading and visualizes them in a minimal and metaphoric animation on a mobile device. The app first guides the user through different breathing paces to make them understand and trust the application then opens up free play to enjoy and view the breathing experience.

How we built it

The application is built with React Native. For visualizations we use custom SVG. The Movesense sensor is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Movesense API is exposed to the React Native application via a Swift bridge.

Challenges we ran into

Bridging Movesense iOS SDK with React Native turned out to be a lot harder than expected. React Native also did not have support for bridging Swift and thus we had to implement a wrapper for Objective-C.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We worked really hard to create the Swift bridge to get data from Movesense API to React Native. Secondly, we are proud of our design, instead of giving numbers/charts, we instead created an interactive and visually appealing interface so that the user can enjoy the experience.

What we learned

A lot of different approaches to clean noise from data and perform analysis on it to get the needed values and thresholds.

What's next for ānpā

Formulate a more rigorous data analysis algorithm through experimentation with different data analysis models. Add more breathing states and reaffirmation messages. And perform user testing to improve the experience.

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