Professor Stephen Hawking, the renowned astrophysicist, warned the people that human race would become extinct if it were not to look to the outer space within the next 200 years. Why not start looking to the outer space from now? To enhance people's knowledge on the 10 most earth-like planets, I designed a web game that resembles 2048 puzzle game and promotes people's knowledge on exoplanets.

What it does

It aims to promote knowledge about astronomers and exoplanets that are very similar to earth. I’ve chosen 10 most earth-like exoplanets to be displayed as the tiles of the grid. Note that One of the planets on the grid do have a highest score. On the bottom-right of this interface, there is an introduction bar displaying the brief intro of the planet with the highest score.

This puzzle game is designed for a single player, and allows users to play on the web page. The rule of the game is really simple. All you need to do is combine the planets labelled by the same number. You combine the planets continuously, and add up the numbers on each planets. until you you reach 2048. If all blocks in the grid are occupied by a planet, it means that you lose the game since you can no longer combine any more planets, .

If the planet labeled as 2048 shown up on your gird before all tiles are occupied by the planet, it means congratulations, you win the game. Furthermore, In order the combine the planets, you need to use the keyboard arrow keys to move from one tile to another tile.

How we built it

The web app is build by javascript/css/html, incorporating a complex algorithms embedded inside self-built fancy interfaces. The web app is hosed on aws s3 bucket and open to public. Click this link and try the game!

Demo Link: Remember to use keyboard arrows to combine the planet tiles.

Challenges we ran into

Since I am working solo for this Hackathon, the debugging process and visualization progress are kinda heavy for me. Fortunately, I've done everything in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first time using javascript to design a gaming algorithm. Feel good about that.

What's next for AnotherEarth

I am thinking about adding a robotic version, urging AI to reach the final planet.

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