I found out that some people have trouble talking to close friends or family members even they may have something to pour out. This can cause some serious mental health problem. Anonymous message solves the problem! Conversations between anonymous strangers are much easier!

What it does

It matches people with similar interests and connects them anonymously.

How we built it

The front end is on ios. So it is developed with mainly swift and some objective-c to use third party libraries. The backend is built on a VM instance bought from Ali-cloud(centOS 7). The environment is set up by XAMPP and database we used MySQL with the help of PHP.

Challenges we ran into

We have a small team so basically, all coding work is done by one person. The workload was the main challenge but we managed to build a fully functioning app. Designing was also a challenge because we have to distinguish our app from other social apps by specifically targeting a specific group of people

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First, we are proud of the idea (building a social app for anti-social people). We are also proud of the final product. We managed to build the entire 10-page app (front end and back end) all from scratch. Even the workload was huge, our "anonymous message" still looks pretty and works perfectly.

What we learned

To be honest, before this project we are more like individual developers. We are shocked by how powerful we are if we work toward a common goal. Even though we only have 3 people but I think we have accomplished something that would take me 1 month if I work alone.

What's next for anonymous message

First: improve UI and user experiences Then: Improve matching algorithms on the backend. Finally: Marketing! Let people who have the need know this app!

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