Media is the 4th Pillar of Democracy. People tend to trust government and vote as per their wish. It is Media which can expose the true nature of Government whether it is good or bad. If media is compromised, democracy is just a word but not in action in that country. In these recent times, Media is threatened by lot of people and groups. In some cases they are biased due to pressure from those in power. Reporters are attacked each and every day at some corner in the world. People get fed with fake news. There should be a system where any Reporter can report news anonymously and it should not be taken down by any organization/government. Knowing what's happening is the fundamental right of each and every citizen. There should be open platform to get true and unbiased opinions from reporters. This is where Anonymous Hawk comes into play.

What it does

Anonymous Hawk is a Web-App which shows the news reported by reporters anonymously. They can check the info reported and see the proof. Reporters can report at any time by signing transaction into Blockchain. This does not reveal his identity but ensures the info is stored in Ethereum network so that it can't be taken down for whatever reason by anyone. Proofs submitted are uploaded to IPFS network. This ensures the proofs are distributed among network of nodes but not centralized. We are like digital version of the hacker Julian Assange. However with our site nobody can track or threated the person who's sharing the truth!

How we built it

We have built the entire frontend using HTML,CSS,JS. Backend is built with Javascript. Smart Contracts are written using Solidity and deployed to Matic network. Frontend and Smart contract intetgration is done using Web3.JS which is really awesome. Further the Decentralised Application(DApp) is hosted through IPFS using Fleek platform. IPFS helped us not only deploy our DApp but also as storage for our Proofs and media.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge we have faced is with IPFS integration. Initially we decided to store the Proofs/Images using Cloud services like Firebase or AWS. But to achieve full decentralization for this DApp we have decided to use IPFS. All images you see on site are fetched from IPFS network and new ones are uploaded to IPFS network as well. This helps us achieve Full Decentralization of this application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud with the end product. IPFS realised the concept of complete decentralisation for our DApp. We have used Matic Network which is Layer-2 solution of Ethereum Network. This gives us the power of running smart contracts and affordable gas fee and fast transaction speed.

What we learned

We have learned mainly about Smart contract development using Solidity and IPFS file upload and downloads. We have observed how Layer-2 solutions can help us achieve faster transaction speeds and lower gas fee. We observed how big IPFS is and can scale as per our requirements. Filecoin network can be used in further development of this project.

What's next for Anonymous Hawk

As discussed in video, Anonymous Hawk is still in early stage of development. Currently anyone can post anything. In the next stage we control posting Spam and inappropriate content. For this we are thinking of using several Data and Web Mining algorithms. Due to time constraints we couldn't complete that part.

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