Most of us are online now more than ever. Most of the internet services try to monitor our activity to provide a better user experience. The tradeoff to a better user information is leaving a footprint online, which is dangerous. What if we were able to browse the internet with leaving minimal trace online? Wouldn't that be great?

Here is a VPN server that does not log or track anything. Anyone can connect to it by installing the OpenVPN app on their android/ios devices and adding the client configuration file to it. It takes 4 easy steps to connect to the VPN service.

This vpn server will allow you to surf the web and work with others online without the risk of being identified. Since the server does not log any traffic going through it, it serves the true purpose of a vpn by making you anonymous. So, connect and surf tension free.

What it does

AnonVPN actually lets you browse the internet safely providing true security.

How we built it

AnonVPN is a modified OpenVPN server hosted on Ubuntu.

Challenges we ran into

Finding an opensource VPN server that can be hosted on a Linode. Since this was our first time working with servers, networks and ports, our team had to try different server configurations so that the default OpenVPN server settings could be changed. We wanted to provide the best speeds so that the user does not face any lag. Initial connection takes time since the server has to gather all the client information again.

Try it out Step1: Download the OpenVPN app from playstore/appstore Step2: Download the client.ovpn file from Step3: Open the OpenVpn app and import the client.ovpn file on the app Step4: Connect to the VPN and stay safe


Challenges solved by this project:

HackPSU COVID-19: Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are online more than usual. This increases the risk of unauthorized intrusions into our home network. With anonVPN, not only your ip address is not being used to surf the web, but also the server does not log anything you do while you are connected.

HackPSU Health and Wellness: While doing anything online, we leave our footprint online which can be used by hackers to collect unauthorized user information such as usernames and passwords. This can lead to cyberbullying and online bank robbery, which can result in financial instability and depression. With an unmonitored VPN service, the user can login to any website they want without the risk of losing their data or money online.

HackPSU Virtual Collaboration: Due the the pandemic, most of our classes and jobs have been moved online. This requires more online collaboration than than ever. Companies and institutions can use this service to create a safe collaborative space online.

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