People usually get bored when they go to a public place especially when they don't know anyone and are skeptical to make the first conversation, they might feel socially isolated. We, ourselves have faced this issue often at airports, malls, and other such public places, thus we thought to hack this problem.

What it does

AnonSpace - The Anonymous Space is an online proximity based anonymous group messaging app.
It is designed to generate connections for people who are on the go. Anybody who has an active internet connection can create or join a room in the closest proximity and talk to people anonymously within a radius of 100 meters. You can connect with people purely based on their personality and not have any prejudice and stereotypical mindset .

How we built it

This app is 100% written in Kotlin. MVVM architecture, used with Android Architecture Components and Koin for dependency injection.
The Backend is written in NodeJS using MVC architecture and leverages Google Firebase Realtime Database.
The Web Frontend is written in ReactJS which you can find over here.
Leveraging the Google Nearby API and Location API, we connected users with nearby AnonSpace users.
We have used the power of Google Cloud Computing Engine for filtering the abusive words as well as hosting the Backend.

Tech Stack

AnonSpace TechStack

Challenges we ran into

The hurdles we faced was figuring out the logistics of:

  • how were we going to connect random anonymous people in one chatroom despite being on different networks
  • how to prevent inappropriate or abusive use of platform and ensure safety of users.
  • how to inculcate mathematics in our model and making it secure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to build a start-of-the-art technology in connecting random people in a chatroom even if they are connected to different networks (Thanks to NearbyAPI and Firebase)
  • We have successfully prevented any use of abusive languages by converting them into asterisks
  • Built an End-to-End Encryption System for users (here's the arithmetic from Hackrithmitic)

What we learned

  • In order to conserve power, we decided to design in Dark Mode.
  • We had to find colors and stick to certain frameworks rules that are necessary while designing a dark theme.
  • We learnt to use Google Cloud Real-time Firebase database
  • We learnt how simple math can be used to solve impactful problems with some innovation.(We have used ROT encryption here)
  • We also learnt how to implement various disciplines of google applications to build our product.

What's next for AnonSpace

  • We plan to make our App cross-platform.
  • We aim to introduce a more secure asymmetric cryptographic algorithm such as RSA.
  • We would also like to introduce Social Twists to make the experience more fun and engaging.
  • We would aim to abolish the social awkwardness that was created by the smartphones, by using smartphones.


  • We aim to create an anonymous space all over the internet where people can interact without the fear of being judged. Thus we introduce you to the mysterious space:
  • Anonymous Space -> AnonymousSpace -> AnonymouSpace ->

Built With

  • android
  • dataset
  • figma
  • google-cloud-computing-engine
  • google-firebase-realtime-database
  • google-nearby-api
  • koin
  • kotlin
  • location-api
  • mvc-architecture
  • mvmm-architecture
  • node.js
  • react
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