I wanted to make a social network of image sharing , where a user shares an image to everyone else in the platform , cutting across borders of friendship , cities and even nations . The app user gets awesome images , also knowing how far the image traveled from it's origin to reach his device .

How it works

A user sends an image , his location is added with the image and it lands on the devices of other users . The image is saved in the gallery and a reference to the image is saved on the app database which contains the distance traveled by the image . On opening the app , the user can also see all images thus received as a slideshow on the home screen with information about the distance traveled by the Anon-Shared image

Challenges I ran into

Notifying the device that a new image has been uploaded and the device needs to download and save the image to sd card .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

App downloads the image asynchronously and thus doesn't let the users feel the time-lag often faced in downloading and saving multiple images . The anonymity factor associated with the images makes the images even more special to the user .

What I learned

Usage of send-anywhere api , asynchronous work on android , using push notifications to notify the device

What's next for AnonShare

Ability to favorite an image , flag an image for any objectionable reasons .

Built With

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