Inspiration - Not everyone learns at the same rate. Students often find themselves lagging behind upcoming content in class because they were trying to understand the previous topics. As college students ourselves, we find it tough to follow up with class content once we get stuck somewhere previously.

How it works - Professors can sign students into their lectures and students can anonymously post questions to their professors during lecture. Professors can mark questions answered or unanswered, while the questions are public to other students and can be voted as the most popular choice.

Challenges I ran into - We spent a lot of time deciding between NodeJS and Flask for the server side framework. Authenticating users was hard to implement and we could barely finish implementing out MVP due to time constraints

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - A lot of our fellow hackers and mentors expressed their interest in our project and approved its use in solving a genuine problem. Seeing their views resonate ours gave us gratification.

What I learned - We learnt a lot while creating a fully functional backend api for our application. We also learnt not to take the frontend lightly.

What's next for Anonimo - Given that we have a fully functional RESTful API, we think its easy to extend its functionality and create mobile applications. We also plan on promoting out app to local high schools, community colleges & universities.

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