Sexual assault survivors often do not know who to turn to or what next steps to take after the event. This web app provides the survivor with a support system by allowing anonymous chats with doctors, counselors, and other supporters.

What it does

This web app provides an anonymous environment in which the user can chat with doctors, counselors, and supporters. An optional login is provided for survivors and supporters to save their chat history for important information given to them, such as important contact numbers and locations to seek out. This app stresses accessibility and immediacy, giving survivors a quick route of action. Its anonymous environment is secure, so law enforcement or other people are not involved.

How I built it

Used react, styled with simple CSS.

Challenges I ran into

Learned how to use react for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first time building any sort of web application, after building our first project a couple weeks ago. We are proud of making a tool that can be deployed to real situations to aid people in need.

What I learned

Designed first web application, learned how to use Firebase database, how to make an effective live chat room, how to designate certain recipients for messages and only display messages relevant to the given recipient.

What's next for AnonAssist

We want to add more capabilities for survivors to seek help after they take first steps for support, including seeking a medical professional or another survivor in real life. Using the user's location, we want to connect them with other supporters in their area who have helped other survivors before, and have a known history of helping sexual assault survivors. The location pairing feature would be used with the user's account, so they would have a record of their chats, as well as capabilities for support connections.

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