Inspiration 😍

Our inspiration came from seeing friends and family not being able to get the help they need because they feel ostracized, so we decided that creating a platform where we can help benefit a lot of people. Since we are students ourselves, our expected audience is people around our age. Therefore, the help we provide may be more beneficial since we have experience of what teens go through.

What it does 💻

Anon Therapy, provides a safe and anonymous place to help those who aren't able to access necessary assistance.

How we built it 🔧

TypeScript React Git GitHub Visual Studio Code
First, we brainstormed the outline design of our website using Figma. While the design drafts were being made, the function of the website and the chat page were being programmed. After finishing the basic coding, we connected a bot to notify us whenever a session has been requested.

Challenges we ran into 😕

While creating this project, there were many trials and errors along the way to the coding. For example, we needed a reliable way to detect who was the patient and who was the therapist. Another issue that we spent a lot of time on was, trying to find a color scheme to the match "feel" of the website. Additionally, members of our team have different time zones, which made it hard for us to come up with a proper schedule and be the most efficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

Each team member has their own individual accomplishments. For example, the chat page design, the logo, the voiceover, the general function, and the thing that we are most proud of is our submission video.

What we learned 🧠

We learned how to use many resources along the way, such as Figma, Postman, and setting up a build version of our application using Heroku and Ngrok.

What's next for Anon Therapy 🔮

We hope to continue this project even after this hackathon ends. We aim for this organization to become bigger so it has the potential to save lives. We want to add extra features like requesting the same therapist, or even scheduling with therapists so you don't have to wait in the queue.

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