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The tool is a story-driven look at trends and anomalies in the names of babies born in Alberta from 1980 to 2013, plus an exploratory tool to discover names and trends at the end.

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The explore tool lets you look at different combinations of names to discover interesting ones. For example, you could find:

  • Rare names that can be used in Scrabble
  • Popular names that are also locations
  • Unique names that no one else has in the 1.5 million babies

You can also:

  • Search for any names you want to see what their trends are
  • Favourite/star names so they remain on the screen through different filters/searches

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Among other insights, we also show some pop culture names and possible explanations for their rise.

This tool has also helped us discover some fascinating names, such as "Anger", "Emperor", "Heaven", and even ones like "Delete" or "Matrix".

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