The Anomalies ML System

The Anomalies ML System is a consumer data management system to determine preferences which are leveraged to create customer recommendations and a hospitality personalization widget within existing CRM systems. We focused on identifying a strong solution to the issue Hilton executives identified with personalization and inadequate utilization of data, and delivering a functional MVP with minimal utilization of mockups.

You can view our Pitch Deck at the link below: slides photo

You can interact with our MVP here: Search User IDs to find customer recommendation page or internal facing CRM page. Name - UID Bob Smith - 22345323 Jane Doe - 30842938 John Doe - 32516238

You can also view our front-end code, sample data set, and ML system in the repo.

Roles as follows:

  • Nancy Dai: Back-End Developer
  • James Gan: Product Manager and Front-End Developer
  • Linh Vuu: Business Consultant Working on Strategy and Pitch
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