Feedback to instructors and content creators exist in the form of rating systems and comments done by civil servants in Singapore. Often, it’s through a generic survey form at the end of a course, and participants feel forced as surveys and feedback stand in between them and going home. As such, feedback becomes inaccurate and unreliable. Could we then perhaps create something that will allow content creators and/instructors to get real time feedback from their learners?

We decided to build a plugin that allows students to annotate and create bookmarks on the learning content they are viewing. Bookmarks created and annotation serves as feedback data to content creators. This data is visualised on the content creators' dashboard for them to decide what actions they need to take, or if necessary make improvements.

Anytime a bookmark is created, a screengrab is taken and turned into a sort of chalkboard that the learner can annotate on. What’s more, that annotated screengrab for the question marks get automatically sent to the trainer or content creator so he or she can help clear any doubts directly, making learning more effective.

For the content creator, not only do they enjoy the opportunity to talk directly with their learners, they get a visualized dataset showing the ups and downs that their audience experiences - what they find important, what they find could do with more clarification.

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