Made for S Pen Galaxy Note AnotatedAnatomyLab is the ideal application for the student of human anatomy, the medical professional, or for that matter, anyone interested in the structure of their body. While there are many products that allow you to study drawings of the human body, there are very few that allow you to follow the dissection process of an actual human body and explore the amazing structure of the human form with beautiful, clear photographic images. Now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note, you can study human anatomy like never before. AnnotatedAnatomyLab allows you to progress through numerous levels of dissection while labeling and studying the different anatomical structures DIRECTLY ON THE CADAVER IMAGES. Easily rotate the cadaver into multiple views and zoom in or out to more clearly understand the relationships of any structure you are studying. Each of the structures that you can label is accompanied by text describing its structure and function. A search engine allows you to easily find any structure in the body and rapidly have an optimal view of it on the cadaver. AnnotatedAnatomyLab provides an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows you to study anatomy like never before, and now includes a practice mode to help you prepare for anatomy exams. DID WE MENTION THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY WRITE ON THE CADAVER IMAGES AND MAKE YOUR NOTES EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED THEM?

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