• The average Indian farmer does not have adequate storage facilities. Moreover, there are no satisfactory warehousing facilities in the market. For these two reasons, the farmer has to sell his produce immediately after the harvest.
  • The road condi­tions in rural areas are really very bad. Even the rich cultivators, having a surplus to dispose of, are often not interested in going to the mandis.
  • The number of middlemen and intermediaries between the farmer and the final consumer of most agricul­tural commodities is very large. Therefore, the to­tal margin going to the traders is quite a large part of the market price
  • Farmer has to make distress sales to the moneylender or the trader immediately after the harvest, for clearing his debt. This weakens the position of the farmer

Challenges we ran into

  • Server was not responding as we have to set up the whole server again on the last day.
  • Connecting the farmer with the company took a lot of time.
  • Product adding was giving a glitch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have thought about the most untouched topic in India.

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